Why You Should Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Why You Should Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Most of the people concerned about healthy eating and especially by dieting are aware of the bad effects that sugar has on their health, but not all of them know that they should avoid artificial sweeteners, too.

When shopping for food in the supermarket, you will see lots of products branded as dietetic or containing 0% sugar. Those who want to lose weight are easily attracted by these products, but don’t be fooled; they are packed with artificial sweeteners which can, in some circumstances, be even more dangerous than sugar. There are many ways that these substances affect your health.

  • The first reason to avoid these substances is simple: they are artificial and since they are unlike anything you will find in nature, your body will consider them toxins. Some of these substances had a totally different purpose when they were invented, such as insecticide (it is the case of the Sucralose)!
  • They will cause unpleasant symptoms like headaches, mood changes, nervousness, dizziness, nausea, depressions, insomnia, memory loss etc.
  • Instead of helping you lose weight, they will do the contrary. Artificial sweeteners increase your appetite and you will end up eating more.
  • They cause the level of insulin to rise for no reason (the body thinks you are ingesting glucose) and affect the metabolism. The body will try to store some glucose that is not actually there and you end up stimulating your hunger for sugar even more. These sweeteners will also contribute to developing the malady called metabolic syndrome, which makes you more prone to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Artificial sweeteners may be non-caloric, but don’t consider this as an advantage. The body does not recognize them as food and they don’t bring any nutritional benefit.
  • Many of them are said to be carcinogenic.
  • They don’t even provide you with energy, as sugar does.
  • Some artificial sweeteners like Sucralose eliminate beneficial bacteria from your organism.
  • Consuming too many artificial sweeteners can distort your perception of sweetness, and when you will try fruits you won’t find them as sweet as they truly are.

The key to a healthy diet and to a normal body weight is consuming whole foods which are found in the nature and avoid artificial products. Try to limit your intake of sugar and for instance, drink your tea unsweetened. It is better to use small amounts of sugar or honey than relying on these sweeteners.

These negative effects do not apply to all sweeteners but it is best to avoid them anyway.

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