Why Low Fat Foods Are Not Always Good For You

Why Low Fat Foods Are Not Always Good For You

Since the 1980s the advice of reducing saturated fats from our diet has been repeated a million times, and, at the same time, food industry concentrated on releasing low-fat versions of aliments. Apart from missing that delicious taste that only fat is able to give to food, they are not as healthy as the marketing departments of food companies are trying to convince us.

The first problem with low-fat foods is that, in order to become tasty, they contain larger amounts of sugar or fructose. Thus, you end up consuming even more calories than you would normally do when eating food that contains fats.

The next issue is related to the first one. Consuming low-fat food will cause you to feel hungry almost all the time, and this effect is caused by sugar. Fat plays an important part in controlling your appetite and regulating the leptin level in your body. Leptin is a protein which plays a key role for mechanisms such as energy intake and expenditure, appetite, metabolism and behavior.

If manufacturers don’t add sugar to replace the taste and mouth feel of low-fat foods, they surely add artificial sweeteners, which are just as dangerous for your health. Another way of obtaining extra flavor is to add salt. Consuming too much salt is related to high blood pressure, another major risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Moreover, some studies have revealed that low fat foods weaken your immune system and make your body more prone to diseases and less able to heal itself. In fact, fats and cholesterol are essential to life and absolutely necessary for our health. They have an important role in creating and protecting white blood cells and other types of cells that repair damaged wall linings. This is crucial when our body is fighting an infection. When you are on a low-fat diet, your body is not able any more to do these repairs and your blood vessels are also affected.

If low fat foods did what they promise to do, then why are there so many people suffering from heart diseases and obesity? The lack of good results is other evidence which shows us that low fat foods are not as healthy or efficient as manufacturers claim them to be.

As always, a balanced diet plan such as that of anabolic cooking, is the best approach to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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