What Are The Worst Foods For Us?

We all know that certain treats are bad for us, leading us to pile on the pounds and, in severe cases, put ourselves at risk of developing health complications, either in later life or in the more immediate term. But, aside from the obvious no-no’s that we all know should be avoided wherever possible, which victuals stand to do us the most harm?

Processed meat is according to various sources, one of the worst things that you can regularly consume, and the use of chemical preservatives found in such products has been linked to higher instances of cancer of the colon. On top of this, such foods are rarely anything over than high in salt and fat, which can send your cholesterol rocketing skywards. By the same token they offer precious little in the way of actual nutrition.

Though they may be delicious, doughnuts are even worse for us than many of us realise. They contain three of the very worst things we can over indulge in. First there is the sugar, the source of some kinds of diabetes, which as we all know is a problem. Secondly there are the trans fats (which are much worse than the regular kind). Finally, there is the refined flour, a contributor to heart disease. Doughnuts are a great source of calories though, especially if you prefer the empty kind. The calories in a doughnut are about as empty as the hole in its centre.

Surprisingly, foods marketed to us as being ‘low fat’ versions are often also a nutritionist’s nightmare when examined closely. In the case of processed foods, those that are low in fat have often been pumped full of nasty extras to compensate, be they flavourings, extra sugar or additional piles of salt. Margarine is a similar case in that many people see it as being a healthier alternative to butter, neglecting to look into the amount of trans fats it contains and the havoc these can wreak on our unsuspecting bodies. This is where the anabolic cooking method can come into play.

It’s not just foods where the seemingly smart choice is in fact none too clever. The same very much applies to soft drinks. Don’t just look for the word ‘diet’ on the label. Read all of the nutritional info.

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