Don’t Yo-yo Diet

Don’t Yo-yo Diet

Life has its ups and downs and most of us will experience fluctuations in weight at various points in our life. However, this can be taken to extremes that can be harmful to your health if you find yourself trapped in a cycle of yoyo dieting. It’s also going to prove to be extremely frustrating if you are desperate to lose weight but find that, every time you manage to slim down, you can’t keep the weight off for any real length of time before the needle on the scales starts creeping back towards its old spot.

So, how do you manage to get out of this trap? The key is to avoid unsustainable regimes that you simply won’t be able to keep up. Some diets demand that you survive on a very low intake of calories. This simply cannot last. You would start to waste away. Seeing as it’s such an extreme approach then, of course, you will see it taking some effect. You will lose weight. But, as you haven’t made a real, permanent lifestyle change, you will more than likely go back to your old habits once you reach the end of your fasting.

A much better way of going about things is to make changes that you can stick to everyday. To use a sports analogy, you wouldn’t bother doing a whole load of 100m sprinting if you wanted to train for a marathon. If you want to lose weight and stay slimmer for the rest of your life then you need to lead a healthy active lifestyle and back this up by eating well each and every day. You’re hardly going to be getting the balanced diet you need if you are doing drastic things like cutting out major foods groups or only eating liquids or anything else which smacks of a fad and would give any nutritionist worth their salt a case of the shudders.

In essence, the real key is not to go on a diet (which, as a phrase, always implies you will come back of it) but to change your diet.

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